Summer Cart'ı satın almak için en iyi 10 neden

  1. 42 muhteşem ücretsiz tasarim
  2. Ücretsiz özel tasarım oluşturmak, kapsamlı Tasarım Editörü sistemi sayesinde
  3. Gelişmiş banner yönetimi, 30+ efektler
  4. 19 Türk sanal POS entegrasyonu
  5. 50 uluslararası ödeme modülü, 8 dilde, 39 para birimi ile uluslararası satışlar
  6. 10 + rakipsiz indirim ve pazarlama araçları
  7. Süper esnek ürün yönetimi
  8. Mükemmel arama motorları optimizasyonu (SEO)
  9. ERP sistemleri ile SOAP API entegrasyonu
  10. Ürün karşılaştırma siteleri ile XML entegrasyon

Summer Cart 4.Versiyounundaki Yenilikler

Tarih: 2010-11-17

Summer Cart 4.0 is released with 20 new and unique functions 

 Dashboard of Summer Cart 4.0
1. Completely new design  of Admin panel of Summer Cart (use username and password: admin / admin). A new visual editor (What You See Is What You Get editor). 
2. Built-in counter and website statistics for number of visitors, page views of each category and each product. These 3 new reports are displayed in the Home page of the Admin panel and in the Reports menu. 
3. Bonus points for customers as a new marketing tool: Bonus points in Summer Cart shopping cart
- This way a merchant can reward loyal clients and people writing ratings and reviews, or big-budget buyers, by allowing them to shop with bonus points in the online shop; 
- Each product can be bought with a combination of money and bonus points; 
- Automatic management of bonus points following rules, set by the owner of the e-shop; 
4. Bundle of products
This is another new marketing tool in the platform for online shops Summer Cart – the merchant can set up supplemental products in a bundle and sell them at a better price than separately. As a result you can have happier clients and bigger orders in combination with easy management of product range. 
5. Automatic product feeds to popular Bulgarian price comparison websites,,,,,, , this way online stores powered by Summer Cart can easily and without technical hindrance include their products in these popular sites and quickly attract new clients. 
6. Seven new payment modules have been integrated: 
    * 4 international credit card payment gateways: CCNow (USA), Atos (France), Realex (Ireland), Moneris (Canada) 
    * 3 new payment modules for Bulgaria: First Investment Bank, United Bulgarian Bank, and money transfers by EasyPay; 
As a result the total number of international payment methods comes up to 16, while Bulgarian payment methods become 10 – all are integrated in Summer Cart shopping cart and ready to use immediately. 
7. Three new shipping modules have been integrated: Canada Post plus the largest two Bulgarian shipping companies Speedy and Econt 
Summer Cart 4.0 allows real time calculation of Canada Post shipping rates. As for the Bulgarian shipping companies Speedy and Econt the online store has full integration and automatic preparation of packing slips, which is a significant facilitation for merchants. To end customers in Bulgaria Summer Cart offers “auto-complete of addresses”, making it easier for them to place an order. 
The total number of shipping calculation methods ends up to 10 now. 
8. Cutting-edge SEO features 
8.1. Custom URLs
Store owner can set the web address for each page (static, dynamic), product, category, news in you online shop. 
8.2. Only in Summer Cart:: Automatic Title Tags with custom order
You can easily enter keywords in Title Tag of any page. The best news is that Summer Cart automates the process with the use of 4 variables, which can be arranged as the merchants (or their SEO consultant) consider best: 
    * %%COMPANY_NAME%% i.e. the name of the online shop 
    * %%PAGE_NAME%% i.e. name of page (applies for each page in the e-commerce website, i.e. product, category, news or any dynamic or static page) 
    * %%CATEGORY_NAME%% i.e. name of category 
    * %%CATEGORY_BRANCH%% i.e. category path from subcategory to main category 
This way the name of the product + the category + the path + the name of the shop will be automatically shown in the title of the page, in a combination defined by Summer Cart store owner. 
8.3. Better use of H1 and H2 in Product and Category pages
    * in Product page h1 is the product name, h2 is the short description; 
    * in Category page h1 is the main category name, h2 are the subcategories; 
8.4. Only in Summer Cart:: Built-in Rich Snippets for Google and Yahoo
These are special excerpts showing in the organic results in search engines. Summer Cart shopping cart supports 2 formats for Rich Snippet: 
    * microformat, used by Google; Summer Cart has a built-in support for hReview and hProduct microformats, which is actually everything supported by Google; 
    * RDFa, format for Rich Snippets in Yahoo; 
9. Automatic unlocking of digital products – the owner of the online shop now has the option to allow automatic download of digital products. 
10. Automatic option to display unfinished orders
11. Summer Cart 4.0 supports email sending through SMTP server, which is mostly important for websites using Windows hosting. 
12. Encryption of client and administrator passwords – one-way secure hashing is used (salted HMAC-SHA1). 
13. Much better support of multiple languages: 
    * Export/import of language packs; 
    * Easier management of languages and translations; 
14. Newsletter improvements
    * Newsletter is now multilingual; 
    * Summer Cart has automatic recognition of user language and sends newsletters in the respective language; 
    * More useful statistics, both general and detailed; 
15. Improvement of menus management – in “Menu items” a selection of Dynamic pages is added. 
16. When processing orders in Admin Panel merchants can use two geographic maps from Google - one for billing address and another for shipping address. Another improvement is sending automatic email notifications for each change of an order status. 
17. Product variants can also have wholesale prices, more specifically – prices per client group. 
18. Even greater flexibility in management of discounts and coupons, four new options have been added added: 
    * Discounts per client groups and manufacturers 
    * Discount for quantity of products (e.g. if the discount for a briefcase is 10 dollars, when ordering 5 briefcases the client would receive 10 dollars discount for each one, i.e. the discount would be 50 dollars as a total) 
    * Discount for net amount (the client would receive 10 dollars discount after order subtotal calculation) 
19. Advanced SOAP API interface that supports two-way synchronization of the shopping cart with ERP solutions, including orders, clients, product pictures, product bundles and local options for each product. All that is an addition to the automatic integration of products, descriptions, attributes and quantities, provided by the previous version 3.5.
Now Summer Cart 4.0 has an out-of-the-box integration with the most popular ERP solutions in Bulgaria – MoneyWorks (by the company Gensoft), Infoplus (by the company Selmatic), Microinvest Warehouse Pro (by the company Microinvest) and the products of Orak Engineering.  
20. Improved system of CSS classes for designers. Thanks to the better HTML/CSS structure of the platform each page or product category in the store can have its own totally unique and distinctive design. 
As always till now, the price of Summer Cart license is 225  EUR. All store owners running on previous versions of the shopping cart can receive upgrade files for Summer Cart 4.0 and an automatic upgrade program with the minimal requirement to have an active support package. E-commerce websites within the initial free 3-months support period also receive upgrade files to the lates version 4.0. 
If you have any questions, please call us on +359 2 975  24 24 or write us at